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Cloth Consultants™ is a quickly growing and highly popular global textile company offering the full range of Textiles français fabrics: an ever-growing range of French-inspired and uniquely appealing fabrics for multiple uses including craft and patchwork, home decoration, and apparel / dressmaking.
  • High quality fabrics
    We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality fabrics in both traditional and modern styles.
  • Large ranges
    Our ranges are growing by the week and currently include over 600+ unique SKUs.
  • Worldwide Cloth Consultants™
    We support a global band of committed and passionate Cloth Consultants business owners.
How It Works
Cloth Consultants™ - an efficient brand based on a well-developed and tested business model
Earn as you sell - in person or online*
  • Purchase our fabrics at discounted rates
  • Use your current 'stash' as your samples
  • Use your Cloth Consultants samples, if applicable
  • Set your own prices for the fabrics that you offer
* restrictions apply
Flexible - you are in control
  • Work when you want - from home or on the move 24/7
  • Work how you want - in person or online (restrictions apply)
  • Earn as much as you need to
  • Grow your business at your pace
Retail margin
  • Your earnings are easy to calculate and you set them
  • Retail margin = Your sale price less your purchase price
  • Variety of bonus discounts and exclusive offers
  • A ready-made, globally proven business model
We ship your orders quickly
  • Logistics centre managing your orders
  • In-house quality control and accounting department
  • Convenient, streamlined ordering process
  • Reliable and efficient delivery directly to you
A ready-made business: Have fun, earn money, and achieve all you desire.

Already a customer? Choose our starter level and sell from your stash...

If you are already a customer and want to start selling straight away, show customers the fabrics that you have, pay just £29 (€35/$37#) now and upgrade later when you want to broaden your range.

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Starter / digital
The STARTER / DIGITAL option enables you to get up and running immediately. You sell using our website, our digital brochure and/or your 'stash', and receive an immediate discount of 10% on all purchases.
Growth business
If growing your business is important to you, the GROWTH option includes samples of a large range of our best-selling craft, patchwork and dressmaking fabrics and full access to our website and digital brochure - and a discount of 15% on all our fabrics.
The SUPER SELLER option is for you if you want to progress your business at speed and grow your sales exponentially. You receive everything in the GROWTH option, and samples of a large range of our home decoration fabrics - with a 20% discount on all our fabrics.
Super Seller
Cloth Consultants™ Entry Levels
We assist and support you to develop your business at your pace
Get Started now: it's quick and easy
Choose your Cloth Consultants™ Entry Level
Decide which of our three levels suits your current plans - STARTER/DIGITAL, GROWTH BUSINESS or SUPER SELLER.
Apply using our quick-start form
It is straightforward and quick. Just enter your details and make your payment.
We review your application
As soon as we receive your application, we will review it. We usually process applications within 24-48 hours. We will let you know that you are a Cloth Consultant as soon as possible, so that you can start selling and earning.
Receive your website login details and starter pack with samples
You will receive your website login details and your starter pack with samples (if applicable). You are not on your own though; we are here to support you as you develop your business as a Cloth Consultant. Have fun, develop your earnings, and enjoy the freedom of running your own business - there are no limits to what you can achieve!
Consultant Levels - What's included?
Just choose the option that suits your current plans and get started right away - upgrade at any time
  • Sell any fabric in our ranges
  • Use your current stash as your samples to show customers
  • Full access to the Cloth Consultant™ digital catalogue
  • 10% discount on everything
£29/€35/$37 per annum
Growth Business
  • Sell any fabric in our ranges
  • You receive samples of a large range of our best-selling fabrics in multiple categories
  • Full access to the Cloth Consultant™ digital catalog
  • 15% discount on everything
£49/€59/$62 per month (billed annually)
Super Seller
  • Sell any fabric in our ranges
  • You receive samples of a large range of our best-selling fabrics in multiple categories
  • You also receive samples of our luxury home decoration fabrics
  • Full access to the Cloth Consultant™ digital catalogue
  • 20% discount on everything
£199/€239/$249 per month (billed annually)
Be a part of our global growth story
As a popular fabric company and progressive brand, we've got a lot of attention. We want you to be a part of the excitement.
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